I experienced God at work through the parish community before the mission even began.  The mission only enhanced my love of God; I believe we can only move on in confidence together having received the power of the Holy Spirit who is now working within us.  I feel like a little child having received a new book, I cannot put the book down, growing to love the words in it more and more.

My heart has been filled with love as I have spent this past week open to the Holy Spirit. I have been presented with so many opportunities to do God’s work and share his love with others. I feel great, and have been so blessed. I wake up each day wondering what opportunities the Holy Spirit will present me with today.

A truly prayerful experience

‘I really enjoyed the mission because it was a brilliant way to get to know God. I enjoyed the fact that you could get involved with the services. It really helped to bring the church community together through prayer and little get together. I would love to have another mission. The Sion team were so good and kind that helped me to have more faith in God’ from a 14 year old at the Mission

The whole of the mission was a beautiful expression of the love and mercy of God. The experience was a feeling of peace and a deeper connection with God, the mind being given a spring clean to get rid of all the rubbish to allow God in.

It reminded me to be grateful for the fact that God loves me, and that is why his Son has died for me. I am grateful to the mission team for this and the formation of a better sense of community amongst parishioners. I hope this will continue so some of the younger generation will be involved in the life of the parish.

I am a cradle Catholic and my faith has always meant a lot to me so I was looking forward to the mission and intended making as much of it as I could. It was amazing, just what I needed to keep me inspired with the love of Jesus, how much he loves me, simple as I am.

Our Parish Mission was a source of great inspiration and strength. During and following the mission we became more united as a community, with a deepening of our love of God. I feel that we are now seeing God in each other and more readily express this love and concern.  There is a great awareness of those who need our help and support, especially our prayers.  There is a great joy within us as we thank God for the love and mercy he pours over us.

I was not sure what to expect, but attended a few services and always left feeling calmer, more aware of God’s love and feeling uplifted about His plans for the world today. All the Mission Team conveyed His love unconditionally.

We were fortunate enough to be visited by members of the team. I found their approach very friendly and open. We soon felt very relaxed; there was no awkwardness as we talked about our faith to complete strangers. I was disappointed when the visit ended. I began to get the feeling that this was going to be a good fortnight.

Living in the U.K. is the answer to our prayers even when it was hard to understand at the beginning. Sharing our faith during the mission made me feel part of the same body and united as one. All of us have our own problems and concerns but the burden makes it lighter when we share with others. I didn’t want it to end. We were blessed.

Unfortunately we couldn’t attend any of the events throughout the mission, but we had the pleasure of receiving a visit to our home, and that only event was wonderful, because of the kindness of the visitors and the prayer they shared with us. Thank you very much.

Listening to the Sion Team member’s testimonies was inspiring.  It made me realise the importance of daily prayer and listening in order to follow the path chosen.

It was lovely to see the parish community working together for a common cause. To get to know people who you may see at Mass on a daily basis but never speak to them. It was good to enhance my own faith and find new ways to make God a central part of my living.

As a result of the mission I try to make God the centre of my life by using scripture in daily prayer and trying to stop during busy family times to pray as a family.  Making time! Slowing down!

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